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Pastoral Letters

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Pastoral Letters
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The Rod and the Staff: Expositions, Diagrams and Grammatical Notes on the Pastoral Letters

Book CoverBy Owen L. Crouch

Price: $21

Though its title stems from Psalms 23, the book contains expositions, diagrams, and grammatical notes of Titus and 1 & 2 Timothy. These pastoral letters are a part of Paulís contribution to the New Testament, but they differ in vocabulary, style and content from his letters to churches. They deal with problems of leadership, and are written with knowledge that Paul would soon relinquish his lifeís work to younger men. They were written to assure an orderly transition to the next generation.

It is important that the reader studying this volume read the preface with care. The addenda, with which the book closes, should also be examined diligently.

bullet135 pages.

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