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Dear Lorna

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Dear Lorna

Dear Lorna

By Owen L. Crouch

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The letters contained in this book are far more than mere communication between the author and his daughter. Written while Dr. Crouch was in prison and just after his parole, they are in-depth probes of many things: the prison system, life behind bars, what being a Christian entails, references to the Bible, and the joy the author feels in loving and being loved by his family.

Dear Lorna is a personal book, filled with notable sentiments, and it immediately catches the attention as a work of genuine devotion. Each letter contains a message of Christian responsibility. The author analyzes many Biblical passages: what he feels they mean, and how one should live by them.

However, the most gut-grabbing portion of Dr. Crouch’s book is those letters in which he is describing prison life and inmates, and how he views himself – a prisoner – in relation to the prison system. These letters say far more about incarceration that most sociological studies ever could! The author tells of a fellow inmate who spent time on death row, homosexuality, the daytime and evening routines, of a prisoner, what inmates do to pass their leisure time, and much more.

Dear Lorna is a book filled with truth and wisdom. Dr. Crouch’s daughter must be a truly remarkable individual to have inspired this superb series of letters.

bullet95 pages

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