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World Conquest

World Conquest
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World Conquest:
A programmed analysis of the book of Acts

By Owen L. Crouch

Price: $10

Two factors distinguish this book. First, it traces the thread of thought as it weaves its way through Acts. Here and there a pause is made to explain a verse, discuss a problem, give challenge to creative thought. But in the usual sense this book makes no pretense at being a commentary. This book does not propose to reproduce the excellent commentaries available today. The chief aim is to discover and display the thought of each of the paragraphs in the unveiling purpose of Acts.

A second distinctive factor is the method of procedure. This is a programmed study of Acts. It is designed for the serious-minded adult student of the Bible. It is written in full knowledge of modern textual and literary criticisms.

The message of Acts needs no apology. It can stand on its own feet. It merely needs exposure. It needs reading with uncolored glasses, untainted by partisan preaching and unmarred by egocentric party shibboleths. Godís word needs no human defense. It only wants clean windows through which to shine. This work is an honest attempt to allow Lukeís light to shine through, unsullied by the dust of self-interest.

bulletSpiral bound softcover
bullet232 pages

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